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The Big Screen Terrarium!

Now here is a terrarium project that I absolutely love! It's big, it's unique and it also re-uses something that was just thrown away! Can't get much better than that.

This project was made by Duke and my thanks go to him for letting me know about it and sending me all the great pictures.

There are a whole lot of these older big screen TV's still out there so if you see one here is a great idea for what you can do with it!

It's a fun project and the total cost so far is under 100 dollars. Here is some pics and information about this terrarium.


Here is a look at the Terrarium as it currently is..

The big screen terrarium


Let's look at some pictures showing how this project was made.

Duke got a big screen TV for free on Craigslist. The picture is fuzzy and he was thinking that he would repair it. He figured it wouldn't be worth the expense so...... he decided to make a terrarium out of it!



So he gutted out most of the insides to make room for his new terrarium!


Here is the rebuilding. A 4' flourescent lamp fixture in the top and a piece of wood on the bottom as the base.

Here is a look at the basic understructure of the terrarium. This is the preparation work for the soil and plants. You cansee a layer of thick plastic to keep it all moisture tight. Then there is a layer of pebbles for drainage. On top of those two layers is a layer of weekblock fabric. This will allow the moisture to drain down but keep the soil on top very nicely.



The background of the terrarium is an old pallet that was cut up.


One more thing to note is that he drilled a hole and installed a drainage tube that runs down into a container.

Here is a close up look at the terrarium as it currently stands.
Here is what Duke has to say about it:

Finally found a local store that had all the terrarium supplies we needed! Got coconut husk and live moss around our exotic miniature plants. We found a branch in our backyard to place inside for realism. We sealed the back panel door with weather stripping, and we will look for some flexible mesh to cover the light fixture with. We will be adding tree frogs next week!


THe completed TV Terrarium


Costs of this project:

  • 4' light fixture ($10)
  • 6500K bulbs x2 ($10)
  • Wood panel cut at home depot for base support ($10)
  • Thin fiberglass panel (for bathroom walls) ($26)
  • piece of acrylic at home depot for $25
  • a single pressed wooden board for about $20




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