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The return to the Wardian Case

I received an email from somebody (Aaron N.) who told me about a glass bottle he found that had a fern growing in it! This is a pretty neat thing and he also sent me a few pictures. You can see them below. But the remarkable thing about this is that it is very similar to how terrariums came to be. It was about 150 years ago that an English doctor and botanist was doing an experiment where he placed an insect in a jar so he could observe it. He was much surprised to see over time that a ferm sprouted inside and flourished! Well, this got him thinking about glass containers and plants. The rest is terrarium history! (His name was Ward and those glass containers are called "Wardian Cases". I have an article about that here: The History of terrariums and the Wardian Case)


So, Lets take a look at that fern in a bottle that Aaron found!






materials for making a terrarium

The fool proof Guide to making a beautiful terrarium in 1 hour

The Fool proof guide to making a beautiful terrarium in one hour! And that includes a trip to the local nursery or Home Improvement Store


Make Terrarium Tweezers
Having trouble reaching into your bottle or jug terrarium and need a tool? Here is a quick tutorial on how to make some tools out of coat hangers or copper wire: Make Terrarium Tweezers


A Wardian Case

The History of the Terrarium - They were invented by a Man named Ward and in his honor terrariums are often called Wardian Cases. I also have a wonderful selection of Wardian Cases available from Amazon.com both in table top size and floor model: Wardian Cases