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Mushroom Terrarium Timelapse



I bought a mushroom terrarium from amazon.com and today I started a time lapse of it. It should be fully matured in about ten days so hopefully I will have a nice series of pictures that I can compose into a nice time lapse video. It should show the mushrooms sprouting out of the box.

The timelapse video of the mushrooms sprouting is done and at the bottom of this page.


Ok, here is the set up. I have secured a camera tripod to the floor and locked everything into place. And I have taped down the mushroom box. So, over the course of the next ten days I will be able to take a whole series of pictures. Depending on how fast everything grows I will probably take at least ten pictures a day.

Here is the first picture so this is what the movie will look like.

About the mushroom terrarium -

This is an interesting project and product. The company uses recyled coffee grounds as a growing medium. I have also started collecting up coffee grounds so I can do a mushroom terrarium project. I will keep you posted on that project too. It's a really nice way to make use of something that would normally be thrown away (coffee grounds).

Back To the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

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UPDATE: - It's been seven days now since I started the Mushroom terrarium Time lapse and we are almost done! In a few more days the project will be complete and I will make the video for you to check out. Here is a picture of what it looks like right now.

<- After seven days of growth!


Here is my collection of coffee grounds. If you make a pot of coffee every day it won't be long before you have lots of grounds. You can even stop at a coffee shop or diner and get all the grounds you could want. I will be creating a video and project out of this so stay tuned!

These are the mushrooms I ordered so I can make a coffee ground mushroom terrarium.

Here is the video showing more about growing mushrooms and the TIME LAPSE photography of the mushrooms sprouting out of the box in a period of about 5 days.

More Mushroom Terrarium stuff and Updates

Here is a picture of my small mushroom terrarium experiment. It took a couple of weeks and I have something. But not as vibrant as I am hoping for. Let's see how it goes.


The bucket is also sprouting. Seems to be doing reasonably well. This is at about two weeks. Lets see how many mushrooms I can get out of this.


Octopus like formations - Here is a picture of what first started to happen in my bucket. If mushrooms don't get adequate light and ventilation they will form these octopus like formations. It's a sign that you have to change something. In my case I knew they were getting reasonable light. So, I removed the plastic cover off the bucket and sure enough. They transformed into mushrooms. The plastic cover can limit air circulation.

This is the same bucket as you see one picture up. Everything changed from octopii to mushrooms. Kind of interesting how the fungi will adapt and change like that!

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