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A simple and beautiful first terrarium

If you have never made a terrarium in a container you might want to check this one out. This is first terrarium made by Maya and my thanks to her for sending in the pics. She also has some great advice for us which includes starting with some hardy plants like succulents and opening the container to air it out if it is developing some mold or seems too wet!


Here is what Trever has to say about how he made this Terrarium.

Here is what Maya has to say about making this terrarium:

The plants I used were all Cacti which I picked from my mom's garden-

I chose to use them because I know they're very resistent. The container is actually a very old Tahini container (about 30 years ago...) which I found in the storage room... The main challenge at first was the plant the small parts ... But I did a mistake of adding tap water which I think might have been the cause to the mold- I did try to open it up for a while and I believe it helped a bit to slow it down - I might even do it again! I hope to send you pics soon of new terrariums I'm planning 2 do- I found amazing Lab containers which I'm waiting to use... If there's any thing else I missed let me know keep up with your wonderfull website :)



A succulent terrarium


Succulent terrarium


View inside the terrarium


A look at the succulents


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Book: Container Gardening for Dummies

Container Gardening For Dummies

Book: The New Terrarium
Book: The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature


Need some Cactus Plants? Amazon.com has them.


20 Gorgeous Succulents in 2" Plastic Pots

  • No two are alike
  • Your plants will be mailed in their 2 inch pots with soil.
  • Fully rooted with many ready to be put into larger pots or arrangements
  • Varieties will vary depending of availability and season
  • Collection of 20 succulents each of a different species


Instant Cactus collection Instant Cactus/Succulent Collection - 8 Plants 1

  • You will get an assortment, 8 different species of Cacti & Succulents growing in 2" pots. The varieties you will receive vary with the season.



A Wine glass Terrarium

Here is a stunningly beautiful Wine Glass terrarium. These were made as gifts for a bridal shower. They came out great and I have lots of pictures and instructions on how to do this. Not hard to do and relatively easy but oh so nice. They make a perfect gift for many occasions. Wine Glass Terrarium




A Conch Shell Terrarium

A Conch Shell Terrarium - This is another relatively easy project to do and it very much hits the mark that I always talk about. Using creative containers to make a beatiful and unique terrarium. All you need a shell and a couple of plants - The Conch Shell Terrarium




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