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Build a Vivarium/Terrarium LightBox

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This is a lightbox project that was made for a vivarium at Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen CA.

This was made for a Vivarium to house Poison Dart Frogs. You can see pictures of that vivarium right here: Trevers Vivarium

This series of pictures have been submitted to this website by a professional Curator of an exotic animal museum. His name is Trever Messenger and he gives us some pictures and insights into how he makes these vivariums.

They are terrariums/vivariums for Poison Dart Frogs. Trever is a professional at this and he is the Curator of the Exotic Animal Museum at Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen, CA. (More information)

If you want a professionally made Terrarium/aquarium/vivarium you can contact Trever by


Lighting is very important for the health of a vivarium or terrarium. Sometimes you can put your terrarium in a place where it gets sufficient light. But sometimes you just can't get it in a place like that so you might want to consider building some kind of a lightbox for it. Here are some pictures of a lightbox that Trever built for the Poison Dart Frog Terrarium at Oak Tree Village.

The picture below shows the two switches on the side of the lightbox.


Interested in Oak Tree Village? Here is what Trever has to say about it:

We are a 14 acre family park with an exotic animal museum, outdoor animal park and petting zoo, trout ponds, jumpers, pony rides, train rides we have lots of shops and a restaurant and bakery with our famous mile high 5 lb apple pie. Were located at 38480 Oak glen rd. in Yuciapa Ca, 92399 and our phone number is 909-797-4420.


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