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The Ultimate Terrarium: Some extras

Let's Do a couple of things that will make this terrarium look even better.

cave mask

Make a cave mask: This a small mask I made for the cave. It will go right up against the glass on the inside of the terrarium. The whole center section is cut out so we can see inside the den and it has a bit of a cave look to it.


cave mask in place

Here is the cave mask in place. You can decorate yours in lots of different ways - mine is pretty simple.

Maybe you noticed that in the previous picture the top of my creature cave was covered in dirt. You shouldn't just place dirt on top of it because this will make a mess everytime you lift the lid to clean in there. I am going to show you a neat little trick to get this to look good. You are actually going to adhere dirt right to the cover. This is a technique that many model railroad builders use.

mix the glue

Mix a small amount of water soluble non toxic glue and water. About a 50/50 mix should be good. You can experiment with this solution a bit. You are going to be putting some in a spray bottle so you may need to thin it even more so it flows freely.


apply glue to the top of den

Brush the glue onto the top of the Underground Den then sprinkly dirt right onto the glue. But because you are working with dirt this won't be a very good layer and you will see a lot of the white show through . You can fix this.


spray the glue right on top

Apply more soil to the top and cover all the bare spots then put some of your watered down glue into a spray bottle and spray it right onto the dirt. When the glue dries it will be transparent and you will have a nice layer of soil on top of your underground den. This looks really good. Now when you lift the lid to clean up the dirt will stay in place.


completed den top

Now all you see is the white of the ramp inside the den. The rest of the top blends in well with the terrarium.

Other Ideas:

Take a look at my completed ultimate terrarium here