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Terrarium as Art

Terrariums have come a long way in the past couple of years. This terrarium made by Badia is a good exampe of how they have changed.

They have become miniature and living works of art. Take a look at this terrarium. After the picture I will give you some guidelines for making a terrarium that is a work of art.


An artistic terrarium

There are a whole lot of things that you can think about when it comes to making a terrarium into a work of art. And I will cover a few of these.

  • Container selection - This is the first and most important thing. carefully choose your container. And you have to be aware of the fact that not all containers are good as a terrarium. And some containers make it very difficult to work on the terrarium
  • Plant selection - There are a whole bunch of things to consider here including the size and look of the plants (including how they will look after some growth). There is an aesthetic you will look to achieve and that usually includes variety of shape and color. I have a list of recommended terrarium plants here
  • Plant compatibility - The plants have to live together in a closed or nearly closed environment. You have to find plants that have similar needs in terms of water, soil, and light.


Terrarium Craft

Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds


Book: Container Gardening for Dummies

Container Gardening For Dummies


Book: The New Terrarium

Book: The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature

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Hobbit Terrarium

Make a Hobbit Terrarium

This is a fun little terrarium with Bag End of the Shire. I even have a tutorial on how to make the little hobbit hole. Make a Hobbit Terrarium



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