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Make Terrarium Tweezers


Terrarium Tweezers are something that I have kind of made up. They are a very long pair of tweezers that you can use to work on your terrarium and do things like dig holes or place plants in holes. Kind of handy.


You can make a pair of tweezers in any length needed. You can make them out of copper wire or a coat hanger. It just takes a little cutting and some bending. There are a few different ways you can make them and I will point some important things out. The picture below shows the easiest tweezers.

Home made terrarium tweezers

There are two basic types you can make: Already Closed or Already Open. The pair you see in the picture above are already closed. This means that their relaxed state is with the tweezers closed. This is probably the better configuration because it will automatically clamp down on things. You squeeze the handle to open the tweezers.

Use a rubber band

To get a little more pressure on the gripping area you can put a rubber band as shown. Use a very weak rubber band.

You can tinker around with this configuration to get something that is just right for your terrarium making needs.





Terrarium tool

Here is a nice terrarium tool that I made. it is good for moving the soil and stones around and making holes in the soil.








Amazon.com has some solutions that will work





ForcepsSE Forceps, Straight 12" + Curved 12"




Make an Assassin's Creed Terrarium

Here is a wonderful terrarium in a fish bowl that has a theme from a video game.
Make an Assassin's Creed Terrarium


The Cookie Jar Terrarium

A terrarium can be easy and fun just like this one inside a cookie jar. See a bigger picture and hear how Shirley made this terrarium: The cookie Jar terrarium


Make a Hobbit Terrarium

This is a fun little terrarium with Bag End of the Shire. I even have a tutorial on how to make the little hobbit hole. Make a Hobbit Terrarium