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More Pictures of Big Glass Terrariums


This is a continuation of terrariums made by web visitors. You can see page 1 with more pictures here: Big Glass terrariums. Big terrariums can be a bit of a challenge but they can come out so very beautiful. There are lots of things you can do with them including making a theme. And the terrarium container itself can be part of the overall theme of the terrarium. Here are some pictures submitted by web visitors showing their work. I also have a tutorial on how to make a big terrarium which includes how to add a waterfall and water pump. The Big Terrarium Tutorial


The two pictures below are a fantasy terrarium complete with small fantasy accessories. This terrarium was created by Badiz A.

A big Terrarium

Close up of the big terrarium


The Cube Terrarium by Chris D. (picture below)

Here is what he has to say about making this terrarium:

The cube terrarium was a project that started as a tile covered table. I placed the tiles and then had some thick glass I got from a restaurant supply store that was going out of business. The glass squares were also old used shelves (I am seeing a pattern forming here). It was a free hand project in the sense that I just started putting it together with no real plan of how it would end up (probably why I am stuck now). Before I filled it with gravel and dirt I drilled 2 holes in the tiles to run pipe through. In the tank there is a 1/2"PVC pipe with a piece of bamboo over it. I dipped the bamboo in polyurethane a few times and sealed the top and bottom with aquarium silicone. there is a longer piece of PVC that I ran up so I could have a waterfall. Where I got stuck was the base. I can't think of what I want it to look like.

A Cube Terrarium


A Big Glass terrarium with a desert theme. By Badia A.


Desert terrarium



New: A new moss terrarium tutorial

This is an attractive and easy terrarium made with moss. I show you how to make one and how to care for it. How to make a moss terrarium


Get terrarium started with just a mason jar

Here you can see a couple of pictures submitted by a web visitor. They are of a creative little mason jar terrarium. This also shows the wide variety of plants you can use including moss and mushrooms. Mason Jar terrarium