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Brave Terrarium

This is a beautiful little Cloche terrarium. The scene inside is from the Animated movie Brave. Lot of fun this little project is and I show you how to make something like this step-by-step.

I also add a series of little blue LED's lights. These are the Wisps in the movie.

And there is a video at the bottom of this page.


Here is the completed terrarium

The Brave terrarium


closeup of the terrarium

Before we start making the terrarium I just want to give you a little bit of a look at the Blue LED's inside.

I soldered a string of them together to form a line so they are like the Wisps in the movie.


The LED's

We first place that little assembly of LED's into the base of the cloche.


Now we just follow standard Terrarium building by putting in a layer of stones or pebbles, a layer of sphagnum moss and a layer of soil.


pebbles first sphagnum moss second soil third

This process is important for a terrarium. The pebbles are a water reservoir that allows water to circulate in the terrarium. The spaghnum is a protective cover. And the soil, well, thats for the plants!

|Optional: You can put a thin layer of charcoal above the pebbles. This is a great option. It keeps the terrarium clean, purifies the water and discourages mold growth.

The moss in place

Now it's time to start placing our objects and our plants.

What you put and in what order will sometimes be dependant up the size and shape of your container. This container is very open so we can work from the center and move outwards. The first piece of moss has been placed right in the center. This is the little area where the climax of the movie brave happens. It's a little area with stone obelisks.


Planting the plant

Then you can start to arrange your plants and objects around the center piece. The best way to transplant the plants into the terrarium is to remove them from their pot and leave just the rootball of the plant like you can see in the picture. Dig a hole in the terrarium and place the rootball into it.


The arranged plants

Now you can see most of the plants and a lot of the accessories are in place. This terrarium is just about done.


OKAY! This terrarium is just about done. But, I haven't shown you any of the fun accessories in here. SO, you can watch my video on making this terrarium or you can continue on to the next page and see the making of the accessories: Continue with the Brave terrarium

Here is the Video Tutorial:




Glass Cloche with Tray, Plant Terrarium. 7.25" H (1 pc)

Will bought this one and loves it. Great size and good feel to it.



Glass Cloche with Tray, Plant Terrarium. 13" H (1 pc)




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