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Make an Easy Greenhouse

Sometimes it is just a good idea to have a little tiny greenhouse. It elevates the humidity inside and this is a great thing for new and young plants. It is also great for cuttings.

All you need is a few basic supplies to make something like this. A shallow pot, wire, plastic bags and some duct tape are what you need.



small greenhouse




We actually made these small greenhouses because we are raising some bonsai from cuttings and we want to keep them protected and in an elevated humidity. You can see the tutorials on bonsai from cuttings here.


form the shape with wires


It is a pretty easy process and you have a lot of options. All kinds of wire can be used. I had some of this flexible aluminum wire and I twisted a pair of it to make it stronger. Two lengths of it going from corners to corners will work great.

Some duct tape will hold them in place very nicely.

tape wires to the pot




bend the wires

Here is a look at another one. This wire is very similar to coat hanger wire. A little loop at the end of all four of them will make it easy to connect them.







connect the wires at the top

Here are all the wires connected together.







cut the plastic

If you don't have large sheets of plastic you can cut open plastic ziploc bags.






tape the plastic together

And to make it big enough you tape bags together.







put the plastic over the pot

Put your plants in the greenhouse and put your plastic covering right over everything.






apply rubber bands

Then you can seal it shut with rubber bands. One band won't fit all the way around so you can cut them and tie them together.


Available on Amazon.com


Hydrofarm CK64060 Hot House with Heat Mat

7" dome for growing bigger and taller starts. Increase germination success. Better humidity control for optimum growth. Offers increased growing success. Includes: UL listed waterproof heat mat, 17 watts, 120 volt, 7" humidity dome, 11" x 22" watertight base tray, 72-cell seedling inserts, Instructions with growing tips, and Clonex Rooting Gel.


Best Choice 4 Tier Mini Green House

  • Equipped with powder-coated steel bars and a polyethylene plastic cover that will make this product last through the seasons
  • The 4 inside shelves will hold your small plants, gardening tools, or pots
  • Roll-Up zipper door gives you easy access to inside the greenhouse
  • Easy assembly and no tools required, you will have your new greenhouse up in no time
  • Product dimensions: 27.25"(l) X 19"(w) x 63"(h)


Terrariums as a Classrooom Project
Terrariums make a wonderful classroom project for a variety of reasons including stewardship, eco-systems and more. Here are some pictures submitted by a 7th grade science teacher. Classroom terrariums


Mushroom Terrarium

Mushroom Terrarium TimeLapse video
I just started this project so I don't have the timelapse yet. It will end up to be a short video of the mushrooms sprouting out of the box. In ten days it should be done. I have set up a mushroom terrarium so I can take pics of it as it grows. Pretty interesting project and I am also working on a couple of mushroom terrariums to be coming soon.. Mushroom Terrarium Timelapse


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