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The Ultimate Terrarium: let's put in the plants

the ultimate terrarium is completed


We are almost done with our terrarium now. The waterfall is built and in place and all we have to do is put the plants in. To do this you follow the same process for planting in a garden. Dig a hole and remove the plant from its pot with all the roots and dirt in a big ball then place the ball into the hole you dug. Press the soil firmly around the plant and you are done. Arrange the plants in a way that is pleasing to your eye You may want to just place the potted plants right on top of the soil first and move them around to get a look at different arrangements. When you find an arrangement you like then plant them! I recommend you also plant or sprinkle some flower seeds in the terrarium. This way you get some nice growth and some nice color changes over time.

The terrarium is done but there are some little extra things I have done to make this terrarium look better! Continue


Premium Kit for Small Terrarium (Succulent, Cactus, and Fairy Garden)

Perfect kit for a first time terrarium gardener or to give as a gift. Provides the exact amount of the specific "ingredients" necessary to build a thriving small terrarium. Will work for closed terrariums, open terrariums, fairy gardens, as well as with succulents and cactii. Kit includes terrarium potting soil, activated charcoal, two different sizes of semi-polished river rocks, shag moss, and complete but easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The ingredients supplied are in the following approximate amounts: 9 oz. soil; 8 oz. small river rocks; 8 oz. larger river rocks; 1 oz. activated charcoal; 1 oz. sheet moss. Great for anyone wanting to set up a terrarium without having to go and find all the different pieces separately. Please note that the kit does NOT include a container or plants. Please also note that this kit is for a SMALL terrarium. We recommend using a mason jar if you are making a closed terrarium or a container with a 4 - 6" diameter if you are making a succulent or cactus terrarium.