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Looking for a project to work on? Here is the master list of projects that Will has done.
And almost all of these projects come with a youtube video so you can also check out my youtube channel.

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Make the Blade Sword with Hidden Dagger This is the sword from the movie BLADE with Wesley Snipes. It is a double edged katana with a dagger hidden in the handle Fun and easy project that uses foam board and a paper towel tube. Make the Blade Sword




Peasant's HouseMake a Medieval Peasant's House

The First Tutorial in a new diorama series on making a medieval village diorama- It has that nice stucco and beam look that were popular in the Middle ages and there are a few nice extras like a unique thatched roof, a flower pot under the window and a short stone base. How to Make a Medieval Peasant's House


New: Alien World Biodiorama

This diorama/terrarium depicts a group of adventurers who have traveled through a gate into an alien world populated by venus fly traps. The Alien World Bio Diorama




Make a Secret Geode Diorama Gift

Nice little creative and fun project where I show you how to make a geode which looks like a rock but it can be broken open to see a surprising scene inside. You can put anything you want inside. Make a Secret Geode Diorama




Stop motion animation miniature setCreating a set for a stop motion animation

I create a miniature room for a stop motion animation project (DragonSlayer 7) I show you tips and techniques for how to build a set like this and how to do stop motion Animation. Creating a stop motion animation set


Dagger of Time

Make a Dagger of Time

This is from the Prince of Persia movie and video game. I show you how to make it out of balsa wood and even show you how to make the clear plastic handle if you want to make that too. Nice project, looks great. Make a Dagger of Time


Simple Origami Bird

Simple Origami Bird

This is a simple bird fold. It is a crow and a nice place to start if you have never done origami before. All you need is a square of paper. And it stands up which makes it rather unique. Simple Origami Bird



Make an Egyptian Diorama : A tutorial with lots of options on how to make an egyptian diorama.




Moss TerrariumMake a Moss Terrarium Nice, easy project tutorial on how to make a moss terrarium. You can even find the moss outside. Make a Moss Terrarium



Origami PyramidMake an Origami Pyramid Neat little project that is easy to make. I have lots of other origami projects too. . Make an origami pyramid





aerial battle dioramaMake an Aerial battle military diorama This is an easy and good looking military diorama. It is very easy to build and it depicts two airplanes in a dogfight midflight. Make an Aerial battle diorama




How to Make Plastic This is a terrific project that is very easy to do. You can make plastic with milk and vinegar. Sculpt it, mold it and do anything with it. You are limited only by your creativity. In the example I make a pair of dice for wargaming and board games. How to Make Plastic




A Khopesh SwordAncient Egyptian Sword: A Khopesh This is an easy project where you can make a cardboard sword called a Khopesh. It is half axe and half sword and a 3,000 year old design. Make a Khopesh Sword





Halloween Projects I have an interesting and fun series of projects you can make for halloween and of course lots of weapons and armor you can make Halloween Projects





Tatebanko Halloween This is an easy and fun to make tatebanko project of a cemetary. Nice halloween project. It is a pdf that you can download print up and put together. And you can add your own halloween stuff to it like skeletons, ghosts etc. The Halloween Tatebanko



Bonsai from SeedRaising Bonsai from Seeds For me it's the purest form of growing and caring for bonsai trees. To grow them from the absolute beginning - seeds. Tips, information, videos and more on how to do this. Raise Bonsai from seeds





Make a rainbow scratch drawing Fun project that will keep you busy for a couple of hours. All you need is paper, crayons, dark paint and a pin and you can make a fun scratch drawing.




Make a cardboard battle axe or polearm Fun project for halloween or to add to your weapon repertoire How to make a cardboard battle axe





Make an easy egg incubator out of a styrofoam cooler This is an easy project that you can have done in a couple of hours. You can hatch your own chicken eggs and get baby chicks! Wonderful learning project. How to make an easy incubator


Paper Game: The DragonSlayer This is a complete paper game that you can download, print up and play. You are the dragonslayer and you have to adventure through a series of chambers. In each chamber is a beast and if you slay the beast you get a better weapon. Each beast and each weapon progressively gets harder and better. Face the dragon when you are ready. The weapons are the same weapons that I have made on my website here and on my youtube channel. Get the game here



Periscope mounted on tankHow to Make a Periscope I made a periscope for my DragonSlayer tank. I show you how to easily make a persicope for looking over walls and around corners. How to Make a Periscope



Make a Unique Solar System Diorama.
The Diorama is in the shape of a telescope (Just a shipping tube) and you look inside the telescope to see the planets by either looking in the eyepiece or by taking the cover off. Neat little diorama that is really unique yet easy to make. Make a Solar System Diorama


Make a recycled bottle boat

Fun little project that's quick and easy to make. Really sails. And I have added a little extra to my boat by making it radio controlled so it can steer! The Recycled Bottle Boat project




Waterfall in a dioramaA Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama




Make a Spartan Chestplate

This is a complete tutorial that shows you how to make a cardboard and paper mache spartan chestpiece. it comes out great looking and is not too hard to do. Make a spartan chestpiece




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