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Being Creative With your Terrarium Making


When it comes to terrarium making you have endless possibilities.It isn't just limited to putting some plants in a container. So, let the creativity flow and see what you come up with. Here are a couple of examples of creative terrariums submitted by a web visitor (Badia A.) Maybe you will get some ideas for your own terrariums. My thanks to Badia for these terrific projects :)


A dinosaur terrarium


A Dinosaur Terrarium: The above pictured terrarium is a good example of creativity on several different levels. First off you can see that it is a shadowbox. A shadowbox is not normally associated with terrariums but you can see that it actually works quite well and you can build a shadowbox rather easily. All it takes is some sheets of wood and a picture frame for the front. Voila! You can create your shadowbox terrarium.

Themes and Plants: In the case of this dinosaur diorama all it takes is a few plastic dinosaurs, some kind of a background, and some suitable plants. Ferns work very in this case.

What other themes can you create? Well, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination but let me give you a few examples:

  • A moonscape (some exotic plants would look great in this)
  • Outwest Desert scene
  • Egyptian scene
  • Jungle theme
  • Carnivorous theme
  • Hobbit theme
  • A scene from your favorite book
  • A fairy scene
  • Dragon Scene
  • Hawaiian beach scene
  • An underwater scene
  • A Japanese Garden

Okay, lets take a look at another project made by Badia. This picture shows container creativity. This is one of the most important aspects of terrarium making - choosing the container and as in the shadowbox style terrarium the possibilities are endless. This one has a particular attraction to gardeners because it is almost a theme within a theme. It uses a gourd like gardeners watering can as the container itself.

Desert terrarium



So, even if you are new to the art of terrariums you can still keep it reasonably simple yet come up with something unique and creative. Have fun with it and be sure to send me pictures!



Unique Terrarium Containers


Glass Cloche, 11 inches Height Plant Terrarium

  • Glass Cloche, Glass Cloche Bell Jar
  • Glass cloche plant terrarium
  • Pack of 1 pc, H-11" Bottom D-8", Clear
  • Glass cloche with tray
  • 11 inches Height including the Knob and Base Thickness


Simplicity and beauty in a terrarium
A simple and elegant terrarium is a great way for you to start out. You can keep it simple, choose a nice container and a few plants ... and end up with something beautiful. That's what Maya did with her first terrarium. See more pics of this terrarium and read how she made it. The simple and beautiful terrarium