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An Award Winning Catapult made by a pair of web visitors

This is a terrific little catapult built by Eileen and Kate and it is an award winning design. It is based on one of my catapult projects and it has some terrific upgrades and improvements. The catapult it is based on is the torsion catapult project here.

In the picture you can see the catapult and the award!



A couple of the improvements are the use of a wooden spoon as the catapult throw arm which is a perfect upgrade because the spoon is the perfect shape and size! And the addition of wheels. They did some nice work here and my thanks go to them for making it and submitting the picture to the website!




The Table Top Troll Catapult

Table top catapult: The Troll
Rubber band powered

Mouse Trap Catapult

Mouse Trap Catapult -
fast to make

Torsion Catapult

Table Top Torsion Catapult
(Also known as a Mangonel )