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How To Build A Catapult - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the catapult by adding the rubber band that powers it.



catapult assembly


Here is where we are at right now. We are almost done. We just have to add another hook, put on the rubber band and then decorate it!




finishing up the catapult

Put the other hook on the front of the catapult. The arrow shows where to put it. Then run a rubber band from that hook to the hook on the catapult arm. If you don't have a rubber band that is long enough you can tie multiple rubber bands together . Experiment with the length so you get some good spring action.

Now don't forget to decorate your catapult. I painted most of it an old fashioned brown color and I painted the pivoting arm a light cream color. Of course I added the picture of the troll just for fun. And that makes it officially the "Table Top Troll Catapult!"


The catapult in the ready to fire position

Here is the catapult in the ready to fire position. Notice the good tension on the rubber band. And notice how there is a little space to the left of the cup so you can put your finger and press down.

If you didnt watch the video of this catapult in action here it is: The Movie of the table top Troll catapult in action firing a ball of paper.

Note: You can adjust the angle of the catapult firing by moving the horizontal stop bar either up or down. Just remove the screws and glue then move it down and the catapult will fire the projectile on a higher arc.



Kits and More Siege Engine Projects

Another Interesting Project: How to Build a Trebuchet

Make a trebuchetThe Trebuchet was a unique siege engine of the middle ages. It was extraordinarily powerful and was easier for military engineers to build because it used gravity as the energy source. I also have a complete project on how to make the Little Dragon Trebuchet.



Catapults and Siege Engines


LEGO Castle King's Castle Siege From this mighty Castle, the good King rules over all he surveys - Help him defend the kingdom against the skeleton warriors and their mighty dragon! Firing catapult flings boulders at evil attackers, and moveable walls within the castle help keep the knights safe Moveable walls for multiple build and play scenarios, working drawbridge, firing catapults and oulders and Knock-Down bridge --Includes heroic king and knights, skeleton warriors and constructible dragon --974 Pieces


A Catapult Kit Catapult Kit - Lay Siege To The Doghouse! Right after you build your own working medieval catapult. All you'll need is glue, scissors and a steady hand to construct this wooden, Canadian-made siege engine kit. The finished catapult stands 6" tall x 5" wide x 10" long and will toss assorted stuff (meatballs?) 15 feet or further, depending upon the stuff. Comes with detailed instructions.