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Catapults and Cupcakes!


Okay, that sounds like a hilarious title but give me a chance to explain.

I received an email from a woman ( Vicki) who runs a workshop for kids to build fun projects. This is for Lowe's and she was looking for some supporting materials for a particular project. Anyhoo, she teaches these great little workshops where children can build various wooden objects and in this particular class they built small catapults. Is that some fun or what? And of course they had cupcakes! Complete with little pirate flags on the top




The program that Lowe's has is called "Build and Grow" and they do have a website where you can learn more and sign up for the program. It's free and so is the project. They do have a variety of projects like bird houses and catapults and other things so there is no telling whether or not you and your child will do a catapult but I think it will be fun no matter what.

They also have a web page where you can purchase the retail version of some of the buildable toys but as of the time I created this page the catapult wasn't available. They do have a birdhouse, Kids starter tool kit, putting green, Powerboat and Fire truck.


The Lowe's Catapult



This picture here shows the neat little Lowe's Catapult.




Something really nice about projects like this

Building something is always very rewarding for kids but I think that building a catapult or some other similar thing is just a little bit special because the act of building isn't the whole thing about it. There is the reward of building it so you can see it in action. There is a nice goal there. And a child can see the results of their work in action!

Anyways, My thanks go out to Vicki for sending me the pictures and letting me know about the workshop and the catapult and cupcake fun they had! She sent me a catapult too. I had my son build it. It took him 15 minutes but he's 25 :) He still got a big kick out of firing it. For that matter so did I.


The lowes mini catapult