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Jim's Catapult

This catapult is based on the Little Ogre Project. It was built and submitted by Jim M. From Chicago. He and his daughter built it together. . Thanks Jim! He made some great improvements. For example, he used angle irons to support the vertical pieces instead of the forward support & notching which is a great idea. If you can get some angle iron this will save you the trouble of cutting and notching (much easier!) He also used threaded rod and lock nuts as the rod to support the swing arm. This is another great idea and you can pick up threaded rod at any hardware or department store.


Some other improvements:

  • He drilled/hammered-in a metal bushing for the pivot
  • He added an extra support cross piece for strength in front of the swing arm.
  • It was made entirely of a single 8' section of 1x2, and 2 mini bungees for the action

Jims little Ogre catapult 1

Jim's Little Ogre Catapult 2

Jim's Little Ogre Catapult 3



Mindware Contraptions Catapult -

  • Build your own authentic catapult with planks, a little glue and the help of easy, step-by-step instructions.
  • Package Contents: Pre-drilled pine planks, wood glue, cotton rope, ruler, rubber bands, cup, 3 bean-bag projectiles, target mat, fasteners and instructions.
  • Age group and grade: Ages 7 - 14 years and grades 2nd - 12th
  • Let the fun & experimentation begin!
  • Exciting indoor activity.


Lego Knights Catapult Defense

LEGO®Knight's Catapult Defense - skeletons, plus functioning launcher with catapult. 123 pieces. Box measures 5.67"H x 9.45"W x 1.89"D.