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The Lego©Catapult Kit

LEGO® Castle King's Castle Siege - From this mighty Castle, the good King rules over all he surveys - Help him defend the kingdom against the skeleton warriors and their mighty dragon! Firing catapult flings boulders at evil attackers, and moveable walls within the castle help keep the knights safe Moveable walls for multiple build and play scenarios, working drawbridge, firing catapults and oulders and Knock-Down bridge --Includes heroic king and knights, skeleton warriors and constructible dragon --974 Pieces


Lego Knights Catapult Defense

LEGO®Knight's Catapult Defense - skeletons, plus functioning launcher with catapult. 123 pieces. Box measures 5.67"H x 9.45"W x 1.89"D.







LEGO Knights Kingdom Fireball Catapult

LEGO Knights Kingdom Fireball Catapult

Sir Santis must get past the fireball catapult to reach the Lost Kingdom of Ankoria. Can he dodge the devastating fireballs or will his adventure end here' Launch fireballs at oncoming foes. Includes Sir Santis and Shadow Knight. Add to your Knights' Kingdom collection! Includes 43 LEGO pieces.





Dwarves Mine


Lego Castle 7036 - Dwarves' Mine with Rolling Mine Cart, A Wheel Powered Bucket, Launching Catapult, 4 Dwarves, 2 Troll Warriors, A Giant Troll Plus Lots of Accessories






LEGO Vikings Double Catapult


Lego Vikings Set #7021 Double Catapult Versus the Armored Ofnir Dragon Battle the awesome armored dragon! The Vikings face their toughest opponent of all, the fire-breathing armored dragon Ofnir! Use the double catapult to fight back against the fierce monster.Decorated with a dragon skull from past victories, the catapult launches 2 blazing boulders at the enemy! Includes 505 pieces.