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A Mangonel


Here are some pictures of a terrific little mangonel. This Mangonel was built by a web visitor (Barry) who made three of them as Christmas presents for his Grandchildren. They make fantastic christmas presents and my thanks to Barry for the pictures. He really did a nice job with this project. The stain makes it look very medieval and the hardware like the screws and eyehooks really add a nice touch. The first picture shows the release mechanism he made. You simply pull the lever to the left and the Mangonel fires.


A Home Made Mangonel


Picture of a Mangonel


The Table Top Troll Catapult

Table top catapult: The Troll
Rubber band powered

Mouse Trap Catapult

Mouse Trap Catapult -
fast to make

Torsion Catapult

Table Top Torsion Catapult
(Also known as a Mangonel )