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The Sled-a-Pult

This is a unique catapult that is extraordinarily designed. It was built by Caleb and he tells us a bit about how he made it. My thanks to him for submitting the pictures and information about this amazing catapult.


Here is what he has to say about this catapult:

Hi Will, heres some new photos, hope you like 'em. Also, I finally did a distance test on it and I expected it to throw about 45 - 55 feet MAX. Instead, it left my jaw on the ground and my mind boggled when it shot an astonishing 63 feet! I thought that was just a lucky shot until I tried more. It consistently shot over 60 feet with multiple types of ammo. I mostly use tennis balls and hockey balls for ammo, but i will try snowballs too. I weighed my catapult too and it is only 26 pounds. my old one was close to 40! So theres the statistics for you. :P I hope you like it. I think you'll be impressed at how far I've come since my old catapult.

This catapult has a sled on the bottom of it with a special coating so it slides easily on land and on snow. And it has an additional second band that significantly adds to the power and distance.

A note from Will: He uses a unique two band system to power this catapult. Be sure to take a close look at that. And this is an upgraded version of an earlier catapult he made. You can see that catapult here: Caleb's Catapult

Side view of the Catapult


Front View of Catapult


Three quarter view


Closeup view of the catapult