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Make The Teeny-Tiny Catapult 4

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the popsicle stick catapult.


Tape the arm into place


Now place the catapult arm into the base as shown with the tab of tape pointing up and wrap at least five wraps of tape around it so it is firmly taped to the upright piece.






tape the arm into place

This picture shows me taping the catapult arm into place. Do at least 5 wraps and make it nice and tight.







Test the catapult arm

Test the movement of the catapult arm by moving it up and down. It should move freely. This is why we leave the little space between the black lines. It acts as a hinge.






Tape the rubber band to the catapult arm

Now tape the rubber band to the catapult arm. Tape it so in the relaxed state it is at about a 45 degree angle. This will give it some spring. Leave it long so you can adjust it if you need to.







mark the paper like this

Mark up your two inch square of paper like this. The lines are about a half inch from the edges. Where you see the green lines in my picture cut with a pair of scissors.






Fold the paper into a square cup shape and tape it all together. Use plenty of tape.







Catapult is complete

Now tape the cup to the catapult arm and you are done!








Leave room for your finger

Just make sure you leave enough on the end for you to press it down with your finger. Have fun with your new teeny tiny catapult and create some games with it.








Catapult Kit

Working Wood Catapult Diy Kit, 6" X 5" X 10"

Expand your kingdom one cubicle at a time with this working replica of one of the most infamous and powerful siege engines... the catapult. When completed, the catapult can shoot a ball of soft clay more than 15 feet! Lay seige to your entire department with this formidable weapon and mercilessly crush cubicle uprisings. Includes all needed parts and soft modeling clay for projectiles. Requires knife and wood or white glue for assembly.



1000 Woodsies Craft Sticks

  • Natural raw wood
  • Birch wood, non food safe
  • Great for use in classroom projects, party crafts, and camp crafts
  • Ideal for crafters, teachers, and students



Craft Stick Mania

Popsicle sticks have been a staple of easy and creative fun for as long as there have been popsicles. A little glue, paint or other things can really set the creative wheels in motion. Here is a book of more projects with craft sticks

Look What You Can Make With Craft Sticks: Over 80 Pictured Crafts and Dozens of Other Ideas (Craft)