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The Goblin - an adjustable catapult Part 2 of the assembly


This is part 2 of the Goblin adjustable catapult project. In this part we finish off the assembly of the catapult. If you came directly to this page the tutorial starts right here: The Goblin adjustable catapult


Ok, let's finish off this assembly and put it all together . Attach the assembly you first made to one of the sides of the catapult just as shown in the picture.

The assembly


Now add the swing arm and the swing arm pivot. And the very back piece at the right end of the of catapult. Be sure the swing arm pivots very freely on the pivot dowel. Dril the hole a little big if needed. Don't forget the mortise and tenons on the piece to the far right. And the holes in the swing arm are at 1/4 inch, 4 1/2 inches and 6 inches all measured from the left.

Add teh swing arm

Now turn the catapult on its side and add the second side to it. You may need a hammer to just tap it down into place. Wow, your catapult is pretty much done, now we need to just add the rubber band.

Attach the second side

The rubber band is pretty easy to place. Just thread the last remaining dowel through one side, through the rubber band then through the other side. You can place it through different sets of holes to get different tension on the catapult and get different throw lengths.

The rubber band

For the upper pin I just used a little piece of dowel like this. And of course you can use the other hole to change the tension.

pin it


Have fun and if you build this catapult be sure to send me pics so I can put them on my website to show others!

Catapult Kit

Working Wood Catapult DIY Kit, 6" X 5" X 10"

A fun, wooden catapult DIY kit for all ages to enjoy. Every piece is already pre-cut for you as you will not need to make other hard drilling work. All you need to do is assemble following the instruction and you will have a working catapult in no time. You may enjoy it with another friend or family to see this medieval wonder comes to life.



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