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The Catapult Game - Made by a web visitor


Are you thinking about making the catapult game? Is it easy to do? Well, it definitely is. And a web visitor has made this game and the catapult and used it for a party for her six year old son. It was a big success. (My thanks to Cheryl for the picture and the great ideas for improving this project)


If you came directly to this webpage the tutorial on how to make this catapult game is right here.

Cheryl also has a lot of great projects on her blog. You can check that out here: Crack of Dawn Crafts
(You can also see more pics of the great little boulders, the tiny catapult and the foam board castle)

Here is what Cheryl has to say about this game:

When planning a winter knight birthday party for my 6 year old son, I searched the web for ideas on a catapult game we could play indoors.  I was so delighted when I found your site!  I made two castles out of foam board and decorated them a bit for party-style (flags, handles on doors).  I didn't have the boys fight each other because at 6-9, I'm still trying to instill "eye for an eye" values... they were so busy operating the catapults, the idea of aiming at each other never surfaced. :)  I made catapults according to your site but used colored duct-tape in some places to give the catapult color and strength (I wasn't sure how the making tape would hold up to kindergartener battering).  I cut up a piece of foam to make "boulders" for the catapult.  These didn't fly very well, but the shapes were awesome (snipped the corners, looked like rocks). 

And here is how she made some great boulders for the game:

I discovered this the morning before the party so I had to think fast on how to add weight to the boulders... so I soaked them in a paste of corn starch and baking soda, and set them on the heater to dry.  They were done in time for the party, the weight was perfect, and the white color on top of the green foam made them look cool.  However, the coating left white dust as the boulders hit ground. Did the kids have fun?  ABSOLUTELY! Our party was Jan. 8 and here we are, 20 days later, and the castles are still up, the boulders still launch.  I suspect I'll be helping kids make catapults for a long time to come.

Cheryl's Catapult Game



Use the Teeny-Tiny popsicle stick catapult to make this game called Storm The Castle ! See the Project here








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