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The 1 Inch catapult

This is a tiny little catapult that I made for a stop motion animation project. It is 1 1/2 inches in length and stands about 1 inch tall. And.. it really works! It is just a fun little project. I built it with a few scraps of wood, a small rubber band, one toothpick and a hot glue gun.


This picture shows the completed catapult.

The most difficult part, which wasn't very difficult at all, was drilling the hole for he swing arm pivot.

A toothpick goes in the hole and rotates smoothly so the swing arm can pivot. After this I just need to glue the pivot down to the base of the catapult then cut a small length of rubber band and hot glue that down.

I made this catapult for a stop motion animation project where I had to duplicate my arts and crafts room and that meant I had to have a miniature catapult! The catapult is in this video:





CatapultCatapult Kit Lay Siege To The Doghouse! Right after you build your own working medieval catapult. All you'll need is glue, scissors and a steady hand to construct this wooden, Canadian-made siege engine kit. The finished catapult stands 6" tall x 5" wide x 10" long and will toss assorted stuff (meatballs?) 15 feet or further, depending upon the stuff. Comes with detailed instructions.



MOTA Catapult - Desktop Battle Kit -

  • Engage in a fun hands-on learning experience and build your own desktop catapult with the included easy-to-understand instructions and pre-cut wooden pieces
  • Test your precision and your catapult's power, or change the trajectory angle with the adjustable cord
  • Take aim and fire away with five lightweight wooden ammo that's safe for indoor use
  • Replicate the ancient art of war, or learn about the physics and engineering while constructing the catapult
  • Guaranteed fun for all ages, imagination and wood glue not included


Whoosh Boom Splat: The Garage Warrior's Guide to Building Projectile Shooters





How to make a catapult book cover

The Art of the Catapult: Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery - Nice book that shows you how to build ten different catapult projects, moderate wood working and pvc piping kind of stuff. Good book with complete instructions and materials lists.




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