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Web Resources for Catapults

The Sinews of War: Ancient Catapults - Interesting article about the history of catapults - The construction of catapults is called "belopoietics" ( poietike = making of; belos = projectile, projectile-throwing device)

Wikipedia article on Catapults - This is a great article all about catapults

Some Monstrous siege engines - Pics and information about some serious war machines including a failed attempt at making the DaVinci Crossbow shown on this page.

Airplane Launching Catapult Did you know that catapults were used to launch airplanes off of naval ships? Here is a great pic of just this type of catapult with the plane mounted and ready for launching.

A compound catapult - Neither a catapult or a trebuchet yet a little bit of both. Nice article including the necessary mathematical formulas. A nice project by a high school student.

Will's Catapult, trebuchet and Siege Engine Youtube Videos