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How To Build A Catapult

In this part of the tutorial we work on the swing arm of the catapult. This is where all the magic happens.


drill a hole in the catapult arm

Drill a hole in the catapult arm abou 1/2 inch from one end. . This hole should just be a little bit bigger than the metal bar you are using.





axleRemember that I am using an axle from a toy car for my metal bar. I removed the bar from the wheels and the diameter of the hole I am drilling is just a little bit bigger than this axle. If you don't have a drill you could use a nail to punch a hole and gentle wiggle it until the hole is a good size. Drill your hole for whatever size bar you are using.

Note from Will: Don't have a little car with an axle. You can buy a length of steel rod from a home improvement store or hardware store. It will cost you two dollars.



hook in catapult arm

Now put a hook about three inches from the other end of the arm.




catapult cup

Now make the catapult cup by cutting and folding your 4 inch piece of posterboard or cardboard. then glue it to the end of the catapult arm. put it right up against the hook. This will close off the hook so you can squeeze the rubber band onto the hook and the cup keeps the hook closed and the band can't escape. there will be about an inch of wood sticking out past the end of the cup. This is perfect, it gives you something to press down on when firing the catapult. I used glue and a couple of thumbtacks to secure the cup to the arm.


assemble the catapult arm to the base

Now it is a real snap to assemble your catapult arm to the base. Simply push the metal bar through one upright, feed it through the catapult arm then push the bar right into the other catapult upright. This picture shows it complete. Put a dab of glue on the bar at each upright so it will hold tightly and if your catapult arm is a bit loose you may want to put a few wraps of tape on each side of the bar near the arm so it is held in the center of the bar.


We are almost done building the catapult

Let's continue on to the next page and finish it up


Want to build a bigger, better, more powerful or fancier catapult? There are some great books available to you. These books, available at will help take your catapult building to new heights! Pun intended!


Defending Your Castle

Defending Your Castle


Codex Catapultae - A Book about Catapults

Codex Catapultae - A Book about Catapults

Codex Catapultae is the story of the history of catapults and the men who played a part in their development. It is written in plain English and intended for anyone with an interest in catapults and wants to know more.

Abong Catapult

Catapult Kit by Abong

  • The Abong Catapult Kit Makes Medieval Warfare Fun and Educational
  • Well Written Color Instructions and Laser Cut Hardwood Make Construction Easy
  • Test Your Accuracy and Distance Firing the Wooden Ammo
  • Build Multiple Kits to Wage Desktop Warfare
  • Fun For Kids and Adults Alike to Construct