Vegetarian Dragons

Vegetarian Dragons have long been the red-headed step child of the dragon world. Since the dawn of time this species of dragon has been ridiculed and made fun of. But Vegetarian Dragons are misunderstood in the realm of dragonology. They have gotten the reputation of being docile and meek but in reality they are the meanest of all the Dragons. Wouldn't you be if other dragons always made fun of you?

Why are they vegetarians?

The latest research has shown that the vegetarian dragon has a very unusual three stomach system much like the cow and their diet consists predominantly of a variety of hot peppers. This is how they still generate their fire.

Care and feeding of your vegetarian dragon

Caring for one of this species of dragon can be a real challenge particularly because they eat much more than their meat eating counterparts. A regular dragon can thrive on one meal of a knight or princess every several months and they will spend most of their time sleeping. But a vegetarian dragon has a much faster metabolism and are required to eat on a daily basis. You don't have to feed it chili peppers or any type of hot pepper but if you do not they will not spout any fire.

Different peppers for different effects

One of the most fun aspects is the food variation of peppers. It is a little known fact that the color of the fire that comes from the vegetarian dragons mouth will vary depending on what kind of pepper you feed it. If you feed it red peppers it will spout red fire. If you feed it yellow peppers it will spout yellow fire. And my favorite is the bright green fire that results from feeding your dragon green peppers.

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