Stay Motivated with your website

Creating a website from scratch and pouring your heart and soul into it only to see you are not getting any traffic can be very disheartening. Let me give you some advice on this subject.

It takes time for web browsers to find your website. It can take months even but if you have been following the guidelines I have on this website and creating great content that people want to see then they will come to your website. The search engines will realize you have good content and people will come.

You need some faster feedback though. It would be nice to get some quicker feedback. Here are a couple of tips to getting quicker feedback:

  1. Make up a totally new word and place it somewhere on your website. I mean a gibberish word that doesn't exist. Something like "Sgranglemop" . Be sure to do a search for it in the search engines to see that there are no hits for this word. When you place this word on your site the search engines will find it and index it. Now over the next few days and weeks you can do a search of that word and finally it will pop up. Voila! your website is in the search engine! Make sure you check with one of the search engines that checks search engines. Dogpile is a good example of this. It will check a variety of different engines for you and pop up the results.
  2. Make sure you install the free statcounter software on all your pages. And be sure to set the cookie so that your browsing is ignored. Statcounter will show you that people really are finding your webpages. The numbers will be very small at first but over time you can get thousands of hits a day! See my feedback section of this tutorial to learn about statcounter.
  3. Get feedback from friends and relatives. As a webmaster you will get a certain level of admiration from them.
  4. Write some articles and post them to article directories. These directories are very content rich and the search engines love them and spider them often. Your article, and link to your website will show up real quick in the search engines if you have written articles. Also as an added bonus many of the article directories keep track of how many people read your article. You can check this stat and see that 10 or 20 or 100's of people were interested enough to read your article. That is great motivation. If they read your article they are interested in your topic and some of them no doubt followed the link to your website. This can happen in as little as a few days. See my article writing topic for more information about writing articles.
  5. Send emails to other webmasters in the same genre. Ask for a banner or link exchange with them. Getting email from other webmasters can be very encouraging. They will take a look at your site and offer good feedback.
  6. Remember this: All of those ebooks and advertisements you see for making thousands of dolllars real fast and by working only 5 minutes a day are bunk! They just aren't true. It takes time, and work to make some money with your website. You can do it. You just have to offer good content and keep after it.
  7. Don't give up!
  8. If you are discouraged send me an email, I can help!



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