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You need to get the word out about your site and there are many ways to do this. Registering with the search engines isn't the end all and be all of website visibility.

There are many people out there that would be interested in your site and you need to do some work to let them know you exist. Here are some suggestions for getting the word out.

People that are interested in your site visit other sites that have the same topic or subject and you can leverage this to your advantage.

Browse the Internet looking for other sites that have the same subject as yours and bookmark them. Aside from looking at how they cover the topic you should thinking about how you should partner with them.


Part 1: Affinity Linking to other sites

The search engines believe in "affinity". That means that if a site about a subject has a link to another site the second site gets a boost in that subject. Let me explain. Our subject is Epic Fantasy. If a site is Heavy with Epic Fantasy stuff and it has a link to a second site the second site is given a boost as far as the search term "Epic Fantasy" is concerned.

Text Links work best

Do you see what I mean here? So what you should do is get a link to your site on other sites that have the same subject. The best type of link for this "Affinity" boost is a text link like this:

When search engines crawl the site they read the text and give it yet another boost because it has the keyword Epic Fantasy right in the link.

Don't Ignore Graphic Links

Graphic links, although not as effective as text links as far as the search engines are concerned, still work well. The search engine will read the link back to your site and give you the credit. The graphic link also works as a way for you to get actual web surfers from that other site to your site.

Here are some examples of graphic Links:





Size Does Matter

When creating graphic links the size can be critical. Many sites have standardized locations for their links to other sites and you need to create graphics that will fit in these standard sizes. Some of the more common sizes (Shown above) are:

  • 88x31 pixels (Micro Button)
  • 120x60 pixels (Button 2)
  • 486x60 pixels (Full Banner)

Here are the more common accepted sizes:

468 long x 60 high 20 KB Full banner
392 long x 72 high 20 KB Full banner w/navigation bar
234 long x 60 high 15 KB Half Banner
120 long x 240 high 20 KB Vertical Banner
120 long x 90 high 10 KB Button 1
120 long x 60 high 10 KB Button 2
125 long x 125 high 15 KB Square button
88 long x 31 high 5 KB Micro button

I created these banners and buttons myself with the help of a program called Paint Shop Pro. It is an excellent Paint Program with lots of tools to help you manipulate images, make paintings and drawings and manipulate photos.

Paint Shop Pro is an outstanding program that gives you tremendous power without busting your wallet. I have been using it for years now and wouldn't think of using anything else. I use it for all my graphics needs. It is also easy to use -perfect for beginners.


You have graphics and links. Now what?

You have to get your links and graphics on other peoples websites so contact them. Send them an email and request a link swap. This means you put a link on their site and they get a link on your site. I have done this many times and don't be bashful about it. You are going to send out email to people that don't respond back or that say no but you will get plenty of people that will say yes.

So make sure you create a page on your website to put other peoples links on. Take a look at one of my link exchange pages:


Of course if the subject of your website is similar to the subject of my website I would love to exchange links or banners with you. Let's continue on with our creative advertising stuff


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