Tips on How to Increase Holiday Sales

The holiday season is of course quite a wonderful time for merchants. And over the past few years it has become quite a nice time for online merchants. But if you are an affiliate webmaster where you don't have products of your own and just refer your web visitors to your affiliate sales sites how do you increase revenue during the season?

Here are some guidelines for increasing your success and sales during the holiday shopping season.

First off you really need to understand something very important. People love to shop; they love to buy things and they love to give gifts to other people. Don't you? Ok this means that you have to look at yourself and your website differently. You are not a person with a little website that throws up links to affiliate products in the hopes that people will click on them and make you money. What you are is a person that will help other people (your web visitors) get a really satisfying experience out of shopping and buying things and gifts. You are a person that will help enrich them in this respect by pointing them toward good products and services that they will really appreciate.

Can you see how that changes you? People come to your website looking for help, guidance, support, suggestions and ideas on how and what to buy. Do exactly that and reap your percentage of the sales.

Show your web visitors bargains and offer your opinion and comments. Help them in any way you can and you will be rewarded. They will appreciate your help.

So how exactly do you do this?

Here ya go:

1. You have got to do some work. Your work will save them time and work; They will be grateful and reward you accordingly.

2. How work? Here are some suggestions

If you have an affiliation with an online retailer such as or any of the other thousands you have to be in touch with that affiliate. Go to their website and keep tabs on bargains/products your web visitor might be interested in. Keep your finger on the pulse of the company. And let your web visitor know whats good and what kind of specials and bargains they are running.

This means making good use of their holiday banners, specials, and links. Use them. They are not fluff. They are powerful tools that you have a responsibility to use. Shouldn't you make your web visitors aware of good bargains? Of course you should.

Some nuts and bolts about what will work during this holiday season

I have done some careful research about etail sales during this holiday season and here are some valuable tips:

Hot products account for an enormous slice of the pie during the holiday season. Identify these hot products in your area of expertise and find them through your affiliate then tell your web visitors about them. These hot products could account for as much as 50% of your holiday season sales.

Message to the Harried: The holiday season is a period where time runs out fast. Keep your web visitors aware of how much time is left and keep them aware of your affiliate program shipping guidelines. Tell them what the drop dead date is for receiving items by christmas.

It's all about the deal: People love deals -Keep track of the deals (by checking daily) your affiliates offer and tell your web visitors about them

Inspire your shoppers with good ideas, good stories and solid content about products and gifts.

Don't overlook the pickup at the store factor - Even if the sale is online, many customers, especially as we get close to Christmas, will want to pick up the item at the store. Does your affiliate offer this option? Let your web visitors know they can buy it online then pick it up at the local store. Circuit City has been really ground breaking when it comes to this. The ability to do a store pickup is often the benefit that seals the deal.

What is super hot this season?

Free delivery, free delivery, and free delivery!

My research has shown that this is something that online customers are really motivated about and are really looking for. If your affiliate has free delivery you really need to let your web visitor know about it.

In closing

Why do you think online sellers of products want you as an affiliate? Why should they pay you a percentage of the sale? It is exactly for these reasons. You have the ability to pre-sell their products by making your web visitors aware of all these special things the affiliate offers.

Don't overlook Gift Certificates - They are a very hot seller every holiday season because they are very convenient and really do make a good gift.






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