Choosing a Domain Name - Step by Step Help and advice

Your Domain Name is very important. It is the first impression that your potential customer gets of you and what you are all about.

If your domain name is people have an expectation. They would be disappointed if they got to your site and found out that it was all about dog grooming or something else. You need to choose a domain name that is relevant to your products and service.

If you already have a name in mind you can go directly to this hosting company and set up an account. (This is the company that I host all my domains with). They have a tool that will check to see if the domain name you want is already taken.

Choose a domain name wisely

You have many options when choosing a website. If you want you are out of luck but you can get a name that says something similar like or sciencefictionbooks. com

Having popular keywords in your domain name will increase the traffic to your website. You should check on the various possibilities with keywords and incorporate them into your domain name.

Overture has a great tool for checking on keyword popularity. Go to it here and check the keywords you think you might like to have in your domain name.

You simply type in your keyword or key words like Books, science fiction and then look at the results.

The keyword tool looks like this:

The results of this tool lists the popularity of keywords and keyword combinations. Let me give you an example: I typed into the keyword tool Fantasy, books and it gave me the top results for this combination

Now you have some solid combinations of words for using in your domain name. The higher up on the list the more popular the terms.

Make note of a few that are of interest to you and go to the hosting service and use their domain name availability tool to see if they are available. Some suggestions from this list could be or

Try different combinations of words that relate to what your website is all about. Then go to the hosting service and check the availability.

Once you have chosen a domain name and have signed up for service return to Part 2a Getting a Website and setting it up




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