Advanced article writing

I write articles and submit them to directories. I have also achieved expert author status with some of these directories :)

When Writing articles there are a few things you really have to consider.

Your article is listed along with thousands of other articles. So how do you separate yourself from the pack and get people to read your article and subsequently get them to click on the link to your website?

You do this with the title of the article. I recommmend you spend just as much time on the title of the article as you do on the article itself. Sounds crazy right? But it's true. You have to write titles that draw people in. Titles that call out to the potential reader and draw them in. After the title you have to focus on the abstract of the article. This is also very important. It has to be clear and succinct. It has to tantalize the reader and make him want to read more.

Format your article in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Look at the content and break it down into bulleted and numbered areas. Don't just submit it as one long paragraph. It should be easy to read. Highlight certain areas with italicized text and use bullets and bold.

Pay close attention to your authors box - I recommend you use the maximum number of words and links that are allowed in your authors box. This is how the article reader will find you. Think of the authors box not as a place to brag about yourself. Think of it as another teaser much like the headline of your article. Instead it is a headline for the article called your website. It should tantalize the reader into going to your website to learn more.

-Remember: Write good articles. I mean articles with good content. They don't have to be perfectly written with English Major grammer. But they do have to offer something of real value to the reader.

Submit articles in bulk

There is software that will enable you to write an article and automatically submit it to hundreds of article directories at once. I don't use these because they cost money but if you think you might want to go this route you can do a search engine search of Article Submitter. There is plenty of software out there for this.

Create your own Article Directory right on your website

Don't overlook having your very own Article Directory where people post articles to your website. This seems like a good option and I may be adding this to my website. I recommend you don't do a general article directory. I suggest you only accept articles that are specifically related to your subject. This way you get very targeted traffic and you don't get marked by the search engines as spam. Here is free software for creating your own article directory. This takes some computer savvy to do though. You have to create a database on your server and do some php setting. Article Dashboard They do have a support forum and in exchange for the free software your article directory has a link to their site at the bottom of every page.

Read other peoples articles

Notice what was attractive about the title. Notice and take notes about what you liked inside the article. How was the authors box? Did it make you want to visit the authors website. Use these reactions you have to cause the same reactions to happen to your readers.

Need Ideas?

You have a website with great content on it. Look at your content. Can some of this be translated into an article? Of course it can!

Read other peoples articles and note how you feel. Do you have an opposing opinion. That's an article right there. Can you do better? Can you add more information and more insight into the subject. There you go! There's more articles.

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