The Best way to increase traffic to your site

I do a lot of different things with my websites and I have a lot of websites, several blogs, a forum and a whole host of online stuff. The sum total of pages of content I have online is well over two thousand pages of stuff . What I am saying is that I have tried a lot of different things, from free blogs, free sites, link exchanges, forum posting, yahoo groups, and well you name it and I have done it.

So what is the absolute best way to drive traffic to your site?

Without a doubt it is by using article directories. Write articles related to your sites content, make them interesting and make sure they are key work appropriate and then watch the traffic come to your site.

If you are unfamiliar with the process here is a quick over view:

1. You write an article related to the subject of your website

2. You post this article to an article directory - with a very well written authors resource box - This is the box at the end of the article that tells a little bit about you, and gives links to your website where the reader can find more interesting stuff about the subject.

3. People read the article and click on the link to your website - plus you get the added bonus of getting back links in the search engines. The search engines see these articles and what they are about and they see the link to your website so they give your website more importance in the subject.

There are several benefits to this, not just more traffic. You also improve your writing skills and you get more content for your website. I post my articles to my website along with posting them to the article directories. Also, these article directories have lots of articles you can use on your site. You simply cut and paste the article (including the authors resource box for the author that wrote it) and you have instant content on your site.

Every article directory has rules on posting articles and rules on copying articles. Make sure you follow all these rules exactly with no variation.


I have two hands on tutorials that will help you with the article writing process:

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