Part 2: Guest Books and Bulletin Boards


You are building quite an impressive list of websites that have the same topic as your website and you should visit these websites and do a round of all the guest books. Sign into these guest books and let the webmaster know what you think of his or her site. Most of the guest books allow you to enter your homepage url and this is most important. It is a link back to your site.

This serves three important purposes. It gives you more links that the search engines can find, It gives you visibility with other people that sign into the guest book and most importantly it makes other webmasters in the same subject aware of your site. Because they have a website in your subject they are very interested in the subject and they will come and take a look at your site.

A word of caution: Do not spam guest books. Only sign guest books with a similar theme to your site and do look at their site so you can get an honest opinion written into the book. Keep this linking method of a high qualilty. Everybody hates those automatic spam messages that pop into guestbooks.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards can be a gold mine of potential visitors to your website. You should peruse the web looking for active bulletin boards that have subjects in your area of expertise. People that are passionate about your subject will frequent these bulletin boards, often spending hours perusing the postings and making dozens if not hundreds of their own postings.

You should read the postings and add your own comments or opinions. Remember that you want to establish yourself as an expert in this topic so you have to be coherent. When you post to these bulletin boards they often allow you to post a link back to your website. But be careful and read the bulletin board rules. Some of them have very strict guidelines for posting links and url's. You can easily get yourself banned from a bulletin board if you are spamming.

But the Bulletin Board is a true goldmine of people that are passionate about your topic.

Get your own bulletin board

I highly recommend you get a bulletin board for your site. You can get one for free. This gives you the ability to choose topics and monitor the conversations and threads and it is a great way to build a community around your site. It takes some time to learn how to use and it takes some time to manage but it is well worth it. How valuable to you are people that constantly come back to your website? They are gold. And if you get a core group of trusted web visitors that constantly post to your bulletin board you can assign one or more of them as moderators. And voila it is running on its own.Here is a hosting company for Free Bulletin Boards:


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