Working with Google and getting Google to Work for You!

This tutorial is very easy and very important. If you have been reading through my tutorials you know that you can earn a substantial amount of money with a google adsense account. But to do it you need to know some basic things. These basic things make all the difference in the world. (I mean stuff like where to place your google ads on the page and how not to violate the google terms of service).

Working With Google

As an adsense publisher for quite a while now I have established a bit of a relationship with Google. Not that I am special or something. I am still a small fish in a very big Google Ocean. But, they do send me enrollment requests when they give webinars for their products and services. These webinars are hosted by Google staff members and they are very informative. They also make me feel like part of the google team. In short, I like these webinars.

Maybe you don't yet get invitations to these webinars but you can watch and listen to them on your own whenever you want. The latest webinar was two days ago and it was all about what's new with Google adsense and it included information about Google Gadget Ads, Authentication and many other things.

I highly recommend you watch these webinars so you get a better understanding of how google works, what they want, and how to improve your revenue from them. Here is a link to the support center. Just do a search of "webinar" and the webinars will come up. Make time to do this!

Google Adsense Support Center


Getting Google to Work for You!

If you have a website about a specific topic, hobby, or subject (Which you should) you are hopefully a bit of an expert on the topic  and you probably spend time searching for material on the web about that subject.

 The web grows every day and this causes a bit of a problem for you. How do you keep track on new stuff that is created? How do you find out about new web pages, blog posts or feeds that are about your subject of interest?

 Well, you can put google to work for you on this very problem and you can do it extremely easily.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a very easy tool to sign up for. It puts the power of google behind you. Hey, nice to get them to work for you for a change!

What happens is that you tell google alerts what subject you are interested in and every day they will send you an email with whatever new stuff has come up about that subject. Very, very simple and very very powerful. You are taking advantage of the tremendous power of google and using it to your advantage.

 Just go to the google alerts home page, select a search term, input your email then verify your email and you are done.

A bit of a warning! There is an enormous amount of material created every day and you should choose your search terms carefully and make them very focused. If you input something like "Paris Hilton" you are going to get an enormous amount of material (So enormous that it's probably of no use to you)

So focus your search term so you get high quality , up to date material.

Here is the sign up page: Google Alerts sign up




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