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People are searching for how to do things on the internet. It's one of the biggest reasons why people search and it is one of the ways you can compete with the heavy hitters on the web. You can create useful tutorials that people will like and they will come.

The thing about tutorials is that they are labor intensive. That's why you as the little guy can do them and get a leg up on the big guy. He won't do the work. He is more interested in keyword optimzation, sheer numbers of pages etc... And the bonus for you is that you are doing something you enjoy. The tutorial is in your chosen subject! You also get the added bonus of having the possibility of transforming your tutorial into an article that you can submit to article directories. See my section on writing articles

Let me give you a couple of examples. Here are two of my tutorials that I get a lot of hits to my website for. They are very targeted to specific niches and they are well liked. The search engines rate them very high and consequently they get a lot of traffic.

Two of my popular tutorials

How to make a video game - How to Make a diorama

If you do your keyword research correctly and then target your tutorial to a very specific keyword combination you will be surprised at how much traffic you can get. And it is good traffic because people are exactly interesed in what the tutorial has. And this exact targeting means they will be very interested in the google adwords on the pages and very interested in the other products like books that you have on the page.

I recommend

If your subject area is something hands on then I strongly recommend you take digital pictures and use them in the tutorial. Bandwidth is no longer an issue and pictures make a big difference in how clear your tutorial is. You don't need a fancy camera, something inexpensive will work just fine.


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