How to register a domain name


You want to make your own website but you don't know how to register the domain name. This is actually a very simple process that can be done in a few minutes. Here are the steps.

Check to see if the domain name you want is available

Right on the front page is a search tool that you use to enter your desired name. Netfirms will check it to see if it is available. Simply type in the name you want, choose .com .net or any of the other options then press the SEARCH button. Netfirms will check see if it is available.

About Netfirms: This website is hosted on Netfirms. It is a fantastic company. They have a lot of different plans for webhosting. If you use them to host your website they will give you the domain name for free. And they have plans as low as 4.95 a month. You can't beat that price -especially if you kick in the free domain name registration.

Register the domain name

2. Eureka! The name you want is available. Now just follow the netfirms process for registering. It is very easy and they take you through all the steps. In about five minutes you will have your own official domain name.








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