How to get a photo gallery on your website

The days of bandwidth limitations are long gone as are the days of figuring out HTML or php so you can add some kind of great functionality to your website. And this brings me to the fact that you probably have lots of pictures you would love to put on your website but don't exactly know how to do it or how to manage all those pictures.

There is a great program (And Free) that you can put on your website that will manage all your pictures in a webmaster kind of way. What I mean by a webmaster way is that it is much like a forum in that people can view pics in full view, thumbnails, gallery view, browse through them, see your comments, make their own comments or even create an account and add their own pictures. The name of the program is coppermine and it works very much like a forum in that you become the admin and can administer everything. So, if you have done a little forum work coppermine might be a great option for you.

Take a look at a coppermine installation I just created. The first gallery I made is a series of pictures I took at a Renaissance faire. So, What do you do? Here is the link to the coppermine website. They have everything you need to get yourself going. But you have to do a little bit with your web server and this will be a little bit of a challenge. For me the process was easy because my web hosting service does it all for me.

I have an account with a company called netfirms and all I had to do was click a menu button and my coppermine photo gallery was installed and a password was sent to me. They do all the server stuff invisibly and immediately. Check with your web hosting service to see if they have coppermine installed. If you are looking for a value priced web hosting company to host your website on, with lots of extras then I recommend you give netfirms a try:

It took me less than three minutes to select the coppermine photo gallery on the netfirms website and tell it where I wanted it placed. Then I spent about an hour familiarizing myself with the gallery and uploading a bunch of pictures to my first album. Nice program and easy to use.



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