How to Name Your Webpages

This tutorial covers a very important topic about creating webpages for your website. If you are creating webpages you absolutely have to make sure you use some good practices when saving the pages. You have to save them as names.

What do I mean? I mean let's say you create a page about "The Best Epic Fantasy Books" Don't save this page to your website as something like this:




Save it as something like this:


Now that is a little bit more work but it is very important that you do this because the search engines take into consideration the name of the page in how they will rank it in the search engine listings. And people looking through the listings on a search will see that url and it will help them decide if that is what they are looking for.

If you are looking for a great epic fantasy book are you more prone to select the page named:



the-best-epic-fantasy-books.htm ?


About Keyword Optimization

Now you shouldn't just name the pages whatever you want. You should make sure they communicate what the page is about and make sure they are optimized for keyword. Go through some of my other tutorials on this site to learn how to optimize for keywords.


If you Keep A Blog

If you have a blog you have to make sure you do this to your blog too! And some blog programs are a bit difficult to understand but you have got to make sure this happens to your blog. It will make a big difference in your search engine listings.

I keep a wordpress blog and there is a nice function caled Permalinks. Make sure you set this setting so your blog pages are set to the titles of the post as the title of the page.

I also recommend you get the SEO Title Tag, and Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugins.

Do some checking on your blog and find out how to make sure the pages are named according to the topic and not just "page=post104".






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This is a website



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