Sitemaps are very important for your website. They enable search engines and users to easily find the information on your site.

A sitemap is a straight forward listing of the pages on your website, the heirarchy of how they are organized and the links that tie them together.

There are two types of sitemaps that you should have on your site - an html sitemap so users can see your webpages easily and an XML sitemap so search engines can find your site pages easily.

Here are the two sitemaps for this website:

HTML Sitemap - Browser friendly

XML sitemap - Not browser friendly but search engine friendly - Looks like a jumbled mess but is very important!

To get a sitemap on your site you just need to have a script look over your site and create a file. Then you simply upload this file to the main directory of your website. Make sure you place a link to your sitemaps on your main page.

Here is a great free utility that will create both types of sitemaps for you. Simply enter the URL of your website and it will generate the file. Then upload the file to your server. They will spider a maximum of 500 webpages for you.

XML sitemaps



Custom Search

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