Use the New Amazon Tool called Unspun to boost your book sales has teamed up with the Unspun company to bring you another resource for generating interest and selling books. It is the unspun ranking tool.

It's a nice little widget that comes in a neat little piece of code that is very easy to use and it serves several functions. You give your web visitor to express their opinion on books (they can vote on the selections by clicking the up and down arrows.

But, you also give your web visitors the opportunity to get recommended books from an impartial source, other book readers.

You also get the benefit of having the unspun widget directly tied to your associate account with so if a web visitor clicks on the amazon link and buys the book you make your percentage.

It is a nice little tool that is easy to use and will help you increase your amazon sales.

How to do it

It is very easy to use. Just log into your amazon associate account and click on the unspun widget link. You then get a prompt to log into the unspun account and you have to create a new user name but your amazon name and account number are already filled in for you.

Then you just type in search words and copy and paste the java code right into your site. One nice thing is that you can modify the size of the unspun widget on your page so you can make it full page or make it just fit into a column.

What is Unspun - It is a ranking service that compiles lists of favorite books in just about any subject. If there isn't a list that would be good for your website you can easily create your own list. Here is a quick look at an unspun list:

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