Free FrontPage Express for creating a website

Right click on this link and download FrontPage Express. It is a free program that you will use to create your website with.

FrontPage Express

After the download has finished, choose "Open".
A dialog box will appear. Choose "Unzip".
(This will unzip the FrontPage Express files
automatically into the directory
C:\Program Files\FPXpress - no need to do any other install). When finished, it will say "21 files unzipped successfully". You can "Close" this dialog box now.

Then go to the directory C:\Program Files\FPXpress and you will see "Fpxpress.exe". Double click
on FPxpress.exe and FPExpress will open. You are Done.You now have Front Page Express open and ready to use. Move on to the tutorials. It won't be long before you have your very own web pages.

These Tutorials are on FrontPage Express> If you do not need this program or will not use it then skip over these to the next chapter. (Next Button)

Now learn how to FTP your website up to the world wide web




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