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Before you get discouraged. You may be thinking to yourself "Gee my website is kind of small and rinky dink looking. How am I going to make money with this?" Let me answer that question for you. Your website doesn't have to be big, beautiful, and fancy. It just has to have good information on it -information that people will find interesting.

This is what we are going to focus on in this portion of the tutorial.

Get out your notebook and let's do some research on your subject. You need to go to other sites that have the same topic that you have. Take note of what kinds of things they have. Do they have essays on certain aspects? Do they have links that people want? What kinds of things do you like about the site? What information gets you excited? Also make note of what kinds of ways they are making money. Do they sell books? Movies? Other things?


Here is a list of things to look for on these other sites:

  • Essays
  • Pictures and drawings
  • Tips & advice
  • Clubs
  • Links to other sites
  • Projects
  • Books to read
  • Places to go
  • Tutorials
  • Resources
  • Guides

Use your own feelings as a barometer for what is interesting and don't be afraid to look with a critical eye and to copy their approaches. (Don't copy their material)

Let me explain. Suppose you see a tutorial on how to make something and you think that it is pretty cool. But you also think you could write a similar tutorial. Go ahead and do it. Write a tutorial on how to make something or do something in your chosen subject. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to be interesting. Lend insight into your subject. Remember that you are establishing yourself as an expert in the field and even if something seems simple to you it won't be simple to everyone else. Your understanding of the subject will be a great boon to newcomers interested in the same thing.

Write Some Essays

Let me give you an example of some essays I wrote about a subject that I am very passionate about - Epic Fantasy. I researched the topic on the internet then wrote my own essays and people love them.

Here is an essay about the history of my chosen topic:

The history of Epic Fantasy

You could write an essay about the history of your subject!


If you went and checked out either of these essays you may have noticed something about them. Each essay has links embedded in it that will take you to Amazon.com to buy the books talked about. This is very important. I have a affiliation with Amazon.com and that means that if a person buys one of these books I get a percentage of the sale. Can you see how my expertise is making me money? ( I am going to teach you how to sign up with Amazon and place these links in your website)

This is exactly what you should do. Tell your web visitor: Here is some useful and interesting information and if you want to know even more about it you should check out these books.

Bada bing you have made a sale!

Write Some Tutorials

The same thing applies to tutorials. Write a tutorial about something in your area of expertise and attach links to it that give your web visitor the opportunity to purchase more material.

Here is an example of a tutorial I have written about playing classical guitar. My tutorial is a bit fancy with photographs and what not but your's need only be simple and straight forward. Remember that the information is the important thing.

Learn how to play classical guitar

I have years of experience playing the classical guitar and I know something about it. I suggest books and products for my web visitors and they take my advice seriously. Consequently they purchase books and materials based on my recommendations.

What other information can you offer your web visitors? The sky is the limit. Use your desire as a barometer. Is there things that you always wanted to know about your subject? If so then do the research and write about it. Other people want to know these things too.

People want resources: For my web visitors I put together a section of over 1,000 links to interesting science fiction and fantasy stuff on the web. You can do the same for your subject.

Your collection doesn't have to be a thousand links but to people that are interested in this subject it is a gold mine. If you go to this compendium you will notice I have embedded more links that give visitiors the opportunity to purchase all kinds of things from posters to books and movies.

Bada Bing - another opportunity for me to make a fair commission.


The sky is the limit! Get some information on your site. Set yourself some deadlines. Maybe you will commit to doing a small essay a day. Imagine how quickly your site will grow!

Don't Be Afraid - Maybe you aren't an English Major. Relax when you write. It isn't the grammar we are focused on and your web visitors won't focus on it either. It is the information you are conveying that they will love and snap up greedily.

There are lots more things we can do to make our website better and more interesting and I will get to those but so far you are doing great! Keep Going! Remember: The biggest reason why a website fails is that the webmaster gives up.

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