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One of the critical things that I have been teaching you in this website business tutorial is focus. You have to be very focused on what kind of information you are offering your web visitor. But the beauty of having a website and signing up for affiliate programs is that you can offer your visitor many different types of products.

Here is an example:

Let's say I have a movie review site and my focus is on Fantasy movies. Your first thought is that I write a review about a movie and then give a link to which gives my visitor the opportunity to buy the movie. And of course I get a 4% commission on the sale if they sell.

But, There are more products that I can offer my visitor.

If I write a review about lord of the rings my customer might also be interested in posters of Lord of the Rings or they may be interested in miniature figurines or jewelry. even sells swords from the movie. What about the books? This is a perfect opportunity to offer the book. Here are some suggestions for ancillary products:

  • Posters
  • Posters and pics of actors
  • Movie Soundtracks
  • Books about the movie or that the movie comes from
  • Figurines from the movie
  • Toys based on the movie
  • Games with the movie theme
  • Many other things like jewelry, swords and much much more

Make sure the products you offer are very targeted. Don't offer non-related stuff.

Sign up for a lot of different free affiliate programs and become familiar with their product lines. You will be able to offer your visitor a lot of interesting merchandise. Here are some recommendations:






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