Step 1: The Master Checklist


There is work involved in making money from a website. And at first this can seem overwhelming -especially if you are new to this.

So to help you progress through the things you need to learn and do I have created a checklist. The tasks are listed in order so you can just progress through the list one item at a time.

If you are starting from the very beginning and you don't have anything yet: no website and no topic, then you will be able to see exactly how much progress you can make in no time at all. Remember: I am going to teach you everything and it will cost you nothing. Just be persistent and stick with it.

I am going to take you through each step in the list but for now just print up the list so you can keep track of your progress. It is ok if you don't yet understand everything.

Cut and paste this checklist into a text or word document then print it up for further reference:

The Checklist:

Website location:
Today I am changing my life by creating a website that will earn me a living!
I am committed to put in the work and this will reap me big rewards!
Today's Date: __________

  • Brainstorm and find a subject that you are interested in
  • Decide on which subject your website will be about. Once you have worked through the brainstorming tutorial and have a subject write it down here: My Subject is: ___________________________________
  • Get a website: Either 1 a real domain or 2 a free domain (circle one)
  • Get software for making a website (I have some free software for you and a tutorial on how to use it
  • Create your first website -It only has to be a few pages to get started
  • Now add some real content to your site
  • Add some money making components to your website
    • Become an affilite
    • Become an affiliate
  • FTP your website (This means you get the website from your computer to the internet) Again I have some free software that you can use and a tutorial on how to use it
  • Register with the search engines so people can find you (Free)
  • Creatively advertise and publicize your website
  • Add more content and information to your site
  • Add more money-making components to your site
  • Add tracking to your site so you can understand what people like and what they visit
  • Expand the types of information that your website covers by:
    • Creating a bulletin board
    • Creating a Newsletter
  • Now that your website is making money you can spend a little bit to make more money
  • Buy a domain if you don't yet have one
  • Advertising with google
  • Advertising on other websites

Keeping the Ball Rolling (Things to keep the website growing)


Brainstorming to find your website topic


Custom Search

This is a website



New additions to this site:
Table of Contents for the Tutorial

Here are some great website ideas for making money

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