The Number One Mistake a New Webmaster can make - And How to Avoid it!

As a new webmaster you are doing research about what works and how to draw people and search engine traffic to your website. And no doubt you are learning about keywords and how important they are. I have lots of keyword information on this website. And lots of information about how to use keywords correctly. But.......

I do a lot of reading online and a lot of research. I have a lot of interests! And I have been noticing a disturbing trend in online writing. That is the trend of keyword stuffing. Yikes, Sometimes I will read an article, a review, or an essay about something and have to read the keyword in practically every sentence. Not a good thing!!! This practice of using keywords over and over again is called stuffing and it will get you in trouble.

The theory, which is partially correct, is to let the search engine know what your article or webpage is about. And that is fine but don't try to fool the search engine. It will eventually catch up with you. You may get some hits but you will eventually be penalized. How? By the search engines seeing you are stuffing with keywords and by the search engines noticing people not liking your site and clicking away.

This brings me to the most important thing, yes you use keywords, but only as a function of what you are writing in a perfectly natural way. The goal of your writing and your webpages is to give something of value to the reader - not to impress the search engines.

So- When you are writing about a subject or topic just write naturally and try to fulfill the need of the reader. After it is written you can go back and see if it is keyword appropriate. Even take out keywords if they seem too repetitive.

This is a long term approach that will pay off very well for you.






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