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Piggybacking and Prognosticating are two methods for boosting or even multiplying the profits you make. Each method works under certain circumstances and I will explain.

First off is the technique of Piggybacking and this technique works best if you have a website that already gets traffic. It doesn't have to be tens of thousands of hits a day but you do have to get a reasonable amount of daily hits for this technique to work.

Have you ever seen something on television, read about something in a magazine or newspaper and thought about it with curiosity? Did you think to yourself that it was quite interesting and you wanted to know more? Did you then later in the day or on the next day hear about the same thing again?
Mass media can be extremely effective in getting peoples attention and granted your website is not mass media but you can piggyback yourself on the effectiveness of mass media when it comes to your site.
When you see things in the mass media that are relevant to your site you should also spotlight those things on your site. Simple as that. People are exposed to the mass media and they are made aware of things. When they come to your site they will recognize hot topics and respond accordingly. You are not mass media but you enlist their aid on your site. People are pre conditioned to the topic by the mass media and you add your exposure to that.
This technique is very effective if you already have traffic flowing to your site. But if you have no traffic it won't help you a whole lot because writing about hot topics and products today won't draw you any new traffic because by the time your work draws traffic for that subject, keyword or product it is no longer hot - mass media has long moved on to other things.

And this is where prognostication comes in

This is a way to plan for and get ahead of traffic that will become big in the future. So, how do you do this? Well, your website is about a specific subject and that subject is something that you really are passionate about right? And well, you probably know a lot about the subject so you probably know about future developments too right? There ya go! Start writing about those future developments now. Give opinion, thought, resources and other good information about something coming up in the future. Right now that subject or product is under the radar and not a whole lot of people are aware of. And not a whole lot of people are webbing or blogging about it either. This means that if you start early you can capture great placement in the search engines for it. - Then voila! When the product, idea, service or whatever it is comes into the mass media spotlight you will be way ahead of the game and people googling it will get your listing right up top. Boom! You got serious traffic.
Now this isn't going to work all the time because it is prognostication which by definition will be sometimes hit and sometimes miss. So you can't just pick one thing. You have to cover a variety of different items and subjects. Some of them will hit and some of them won't.

So, How do you prognosticate what will be hot?

That's a bit of a million dollar question and I don't know what your website is about but I am sure that you know things you don't realize you know. Where do you go to get information and future information about your subject? Start there and read carefully looking for opportunities. Here are a couple of mainstream suggestions:

Are there any movies currently in early development that will come out in a year or two? Great place to start. Start writing about the movie now.
Also, gives information about books long before they are actually available. Look up authors that write in your subject matter and see what kind of new books are scheduled to come out in the next year or two.

This prognosticating won't have a big impact on your website traffic today but if you claim search engine ranking now you will be shocked at the flood of traffic you get when the topic gets hot!

Building a successful website takes work and planning but if it is a subject you are passionate about is it really work?






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