The creative webmaster's Guide to making money with your website

Here is a fantastic way to make money real fast with your website. Google AdWords. You cut and paste some google code into your site and they pop advertisements into your website. And the beauty of this is that they pop in advertisements that are relative to your webpage. Everytime a web visitior clicks on one of the adwords you get a small commission.

I really endorse this means of advertising, particularly for you as the beginner webmaster because it keeps track of the numbers on a daily basis and you will get quick feed back. There is no better feeling than that first report of earning some money. I still remember my first money earning report. It was five years ago and it was from a company called My first check was $27.00. What a good feeling I got from that. It was only twenty seven bucks but it felt like a million.

Google ad words have some very strong rules and make sure you follow every rule to the letter. For example never have any adult oriented material on your site; this could get you banned. And never-ever click on your own google adwords. This will get you banned. Just run the adwords honestly and watch the money build up. Google is quite an amazing company.

Use this button to sign up and in minutes you will have adwords on your site. They have lots of options you can use. You can use different color schemes and get your advertisements in a variety of different sizes. They also allow you to create campaigns so you can track what ads do well.

I highly recommend you create lots of different campaigns so you can keep track of what parts of your website do well and what sites don't do well. This feedback allows you to make changes and fine tune the money you make.

I think that Google adwords is probably one of the best programs out there. It gives you the maximum pay out with the least amount of work.

One more thing. If you are worried about your web visitors clicking away from your site and going to your competitors sites you can bar certain urls from advertising on your site.

Looking for ways to improve your google ads? Want to increase the revenue they bring in?

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