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Registering with the search engines

You need to get traffic to your website and the best thing you can do is to register your site with search engines. Search Engines love websites like yours. It has content on it that people are interested in and that means it will gobble you up and let the world know about you.

But it takes time. Don't expect to register today and see traffic flocking to your site tomorrow. The search engines have a whole lot of world wide web to look over so give it time and don't get discouraged. Remember that your persistence will pay off. Browse the web and look for free search engine registration.


Here are some recommendations I have for you:

  • Don't go with any registration services that promise to register you with thousands of search engines.
  • Just do the basic search engines
  • If you have the time you should manually submit to search engines one at a time
  • For now don't pay any money for registration - this can come later
  • Make sure you get the top search engines:
  • Google
  • Alta Vista
  • Excite
  • InfoSeek
  • Yahoo
  • Magellan
  • Dogpile
  • MSN

Of course, this list isn't all exclusive, it is just a starting point. You can go wild and submit to a lot of search engines. Spend some time with this. It is worth the effort.

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